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Everyone knows that if you go into a WhatsApp conversation to see the messages, they are marked as read with a double blue check. Unless one of you has the read notifications turned off. However, there is a trick to read WhatsApp messages with Siri without letting anyone know you’ve read them.

The other option to do this very thing is to ask Siri to send a WhatsApp message. It will ask you to confirm access to the app, to be able to do this, as well as the trick we are describing. Once this is done, we can start using the assistant with this messaging app.

Now, the next time you receive a WhatsApp message on your iPhone, you can say this to Siri: “Hey Siri, read me my WhatsApp messages”. It will read the messages, telling you first who sent them to you. The other person will not see the message as read. That is, it will remain marked with double green check and without turning into double blue check.

Remember that with WhatsApp you can now react to messages, without having to write in the conversation. A simple emoji can save many answers to a question in a large group. And with this Siri trick, you save even opening the app on your iPhone.

Anonymous whatsapp

Unofficial applications promote mass mailing by WhatsApp, but what is your reaction to receiving messages from people or companies that you never authorized? In addition to generating an annoyance to your customers, this reduces conversions and takes away the seriousness of your business.

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Questionnaires are a key tool to obtain the information you need from your users. Depending on the answers, you can segment them, and at the same time you can trigger more questions or specific actions to complete your sales funnel.

Perform automatic actions based on what your customers are saying. Through the use of keywords within your customers’ messages, create automatic actions such as: program sequences and questionnaires, tag contacts, execute a synchronization or send one or several messages, among others.

Through our Official Integration through Certified Partners, you will be able to send pre-approved messages by WhatsApp to the right people in a simple way. Increase the satisfaction of your customers and get considerable improvements in your conversions.

Whatsapp online message

When clicked, a WhatsApp link opens a chat window in the application or on WhatsApp Web where customers can chat directly with your company.How much does it cost to generate a WhatsApp link?

WhatsApp links work in any country where WhatsApp is available. Being one of the most popular messaging applications, WhatsApp is available in most countries. This includes countries in Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Oceania.Can I insert a WhatsApp link in an image?

While WhatsApp chat links are great for converting online customers into WhatsApp contacts, they don’t work for offline visitors to message you. You will need a WhatsApp QR code to convert foot traffic into WhatsApp conversations.How to add a WhatsApp link to Instagram?

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Yes, you can initiate a WhatsApp chat with your customers using a message template, a pre-approved message type with customizable placeholders, multimedia headers, and quick reply and call-to-action buttons.Can I generate click-to-chat links for messaging apps other than WhatsApp?

Telegram chat only

Receiving a voice message on WhatsApp is not always good news. It may be that at that moment we are in a noisy place where it is impossible for us to hear it, we are busy enough to ‘waste’ time on it or we simply do not feel like it. Therefore, converting these voice messages to text can be a very recurrent utility in our day to day life.

The way to convert voice messages to text is very simple. When you are in the chat in question, you only have to press and hold the voice message, press the three dots at the top right and then click on Share. Among the options that open up, you must choose Transcriber.

Once you do this, you will have the option to listen to the audio without leaving a trace, and you can even choose the speed. Although in this case the one we are interested in is Transcribe. You will notice how it transcribes little by little, as the recognition system recognizes word by word.

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In any case, it works well as a general rule on most occasions. To get out of the way, it works perfectly well, fixing any occasional problem in which we receive a voice message that we cannot attend, as well as being able to listen to it without the other person knowing it.

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