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Main Account: You can enjoy the game content from any user associated to your PS4 or from your personal user. The progress and trophies will be saved in your personal account. You can play with or without Internet connection. If you want to play online you must have PS Plus in any account of your PS4 that is also primary.

On the other hand, with secondary account the game will be available only in the new profile created for the process and being connected to the Internet. You will also be able to enjoy the online mode but only in the new profile we give you.

Friday the 13th: The game will try to give each player the necessary tools to survive, escape and even try to kill the immortal man. Each game session will give you a completely new opportunity to prove that you are capable of not only surviving but of being the most prolific killer in the history of cinema: a slasher with more kills to his credit than any of his rivals!Meanwhile, Jason will be provided with a set of skills to track, hunt and kill his prey. Stalk from the shadows, scare your targets and kill them when the time is right in the most brutal and bloody way you can imagine.Take control of the legendary assassin Jason Voorhees and terrorize those unfortunate enough to cross your path!

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Our service consists in the delivery of written instructions that you must follow to the letter on your original console (not unlocked) to download and install the game you have purchased.

– A main account is an account in which all the things you download in it, or even the PS+, serve for the rest of secondary accounts in the same PlayStation 4. So we can play with other accounts to the games downloaded with this main account and save the progress and trophies achieved in these accounts. Besides this account does not require internet connection to play the games.

– A secondary account is an account with which you can only play the games that this same account has downloaded, and it is mandatory with this account, you will not be able to play with another account. So the trophies and progress will go to that account. In addition you need internet connection to be able to play.

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Story: In this 2016 edition of the official MotoGP game offers us many innovations dedicated to Valentino Rossi, we will be able to participate in the official MotoGP championship, drive rally cars on different tracks such as the Monza Rally and play on flat tracks discovering the world of Valentino Rossi Ranch.

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Gameplay: Excellent racing game of different types. We will have the VR46 Historic Events mode, which includes twenty tests that review the best moments of the Italian’s career, with one for each season and Challenge the Doctor, where you have to beat a time with a certain bike in each of the twenty-three circuits. In addition, we will have the modes of championship, grand prix, time trial, split screen and leaderboards.

Online experience: The online mode supports up to 12 players. We will be able to play with friends or other online players in quick races or in world tournaments with extensive customization of our vehicles.

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Evil Dead: The Game is a new take on the asymmetrical horror genre, combining the best elements of Dead By Daylight and Friday The 13th. There are tons of Deadites and other terrifying demons to defeat in Evil Dead: The Game, so you’ll need to assemble a powerful team to get the job done.

And that’s it, now you’re ready to add and invite your friends in Evil Dead: The Game. Do you want to become the best Deadite killer in the world? Check out our other Evil Dead: The Game guides:

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Evil Dead: The Game game classes: all Survivor and Demon characters, skills and abilities | Why Evil Dead: The Game doesn’t work on Xbox? Developers fix system error issue | How to unlock Evil Dead: The Game characters – Amanda Fisher, Pablo Simon Bolivar and more | Is Evil Dead: The Game crossplay? How to play multiplatform on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC

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