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(download) and Microsoft Office 2019/365. The table separates major and minor feature differences and also includes notes on LibreOffice extensions. The comparison highlights the differences and therefore does not show any features that are present in both office suites.

The Windows and macOS versions have some document format compatibility issues, somewhat different feature sets, and user interface differences; the macOS version does not include the MS Access database application, does not include MS Publisher, and also lacks other features (see below).

There are feature inconsistencies/differences in the Windows versions, between the retail version of “MS Office 2019” and the rental version of “Office 365”: some features are included only in the rental version (newly added features also differ between macOS and MS Windows) feature set inconsistencies (see below).

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Microsoft Outlook for Android is not a particularly lightweight application, so if we have a mobile that goes with just enough power, little memory and RAM, we can complicate using it. To solve this Microsoft has opted for the classic solution: launching a miniature version of its mail client.

Thus comes Microsoft Outlook Lite, a functional mail client for Android that involves a download of 5 MB, takes up little space, works on cell phones with 1 GB of RAM, uses little battery and is optimized to work on slow network connections.

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Microsoft has just launched Outlook Lite, a lightweight version of its mail client for Android with which you can access all your Outlook, Hotmail, Live, MSN, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Exchange emails, as well as any other standard mail service that allows configuration by POP3 or IMAP, such as Gmail or Yahoo.

Outlook Lite is in many ways similar to the regular version, in that the experience has not been cut back too much. You can still access your emails, calendar and contacts from within the same application.

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You can use a backup .pst file in order to restore or move Outlook data in case you experience a hardware error, lose data unexpectedly, need to transfer data from one computer to another, or need to transfer data from one hard drive to another.

If the field contains the words Personal Folder or the name of a set of personal folders or .pst files, Outlook stores new messages, contacts, appointments and other data in a .pst file on your hard drive. To back up your data, go to the section How to back up a .pst file.

If you only want to back up part of your Outlook data, you can create a new backup .pst file of only the data you want to save. This is also known as exporting data from .pst file. For example, you may want to use this section if you only have important information in a few folders and have other less important items in much larger folders. You can only export important folders or contacts and omit folders such as Sent mail.

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When you add an email account to Outlook, a local copy of the information is stored on your computer. This feature allows you to access previously downloaded or synchronized e-mail messages, calendar information, contacts, and tasks without an Internet connection.

Certain types of accounts, such as POP accounts, store their information in Outlook Data Files (.pst files). Outlook 365 accounts, Exchange accounts, IMAP accounts, and accounts store their information in Offline Outlook Data Files (.ost files).

Tip: If the Outlook Data File (.pst) is large, it can slow down OneDrive synchronization and may show “Processing changes” or “A file is in use”. Learn how to remove an Outlook .pst data file from OneDrive.

You can also use an Outlook (.pst) data file to back up or export items from any type of email account. For more information on how to back up your email messages, calendar, contacts, and task data, see Exporting or backing up email, contacts, and calendar to an Outlook .pst file. You can also import e-mail messages, calendar, contacts and task data from another Outlook data file (.pst). For more information on importing items, see Importing e-mail, contacts and calendar from an Outlook .pst file.

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